Grow Your Coaching Business: Top 4 Reasons to Start a Blog

December 12, 2021

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You’re on Instagram. You have a Facebook business page. You may even have profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Do you need to add a blog to your content marketing strategy?  YES!  It may sound a little old school, but trust me … if you’re trying to grow your coaching business, writing a blog can have a big payoff.  Here’s why …

Grow Your Coaching Business: Top 4 Reasons to Start a Blog

Reason #1: Build Your Authority

I know you have a LOT of knowledge and love helping people – otherwise, you wouldn’t be a coach!  A blog is a fantastic way to share that knowledge and position yourself as an expert.

Blog posts allow you to dig into a topic, to nerd out on a subject, in a way that isn’t suitable for social media.  You don’t have a 2,200-character limit on a blog.  You can go into detail and dig deeper.  Blog posts allow you to show your potential client what it would be like to work with you – what types of issues you could help them work through, and what types of breakthroughs they could achieve.

Case studies make amazing blog posts for this exact reason.  Showing how you took Jane Doe from a burnt-out entrepreneur to a thriving CEO allows others in Jane’s shoes to visualize their own progression.  It positions you as the expert who can help make it happen, which will help you grow your coaching business.

Reason #2: Drive Traffic to Your Website

Want more eyes on your website?  Start writing optimized blog posts.  You’ll not only show your audience you know your stuff, but you’ll give Google another chance to send traffic to your website.  Every time you write a new blog post, you give Google another page to index.  You’re giving yourself another opportunity to show up in search results. You’re giving yourself another chance to grow your coaching business.

Blog posts are a great way to bring potential clients from the problem-aware phase to the solution-aware phase of your marketing funnel.  Think about it this way.  Let’s say a mompreneur is working her tail off building her business, but she’s barely able to crack $2,000 a month.  If she doesn’t increase her income without increasing the number of hours she’s working, she’s going to need to head back to an office job to help support her family. She knows there’s a problem, but she may not know the solution.  So what does she do? She does what many of us do when we’re looking for answers – she heads to google.  In her search, she finds a blog post you’ve written about how mindset issues around money often cause women to undervalue their work.  This gets her wheels turning.  Now she’s thinking about her mindset around money, her prices, and whether raising her prices will help her situation.  She’s now solution aware, and she knows you have the answers.

Is it possible this mompreneur would have come across your website by simply searching for your services?  It’s possible, but not likely.  That’s the power of a blog.  It allows people to identify their struggles and possible solutions without knowing the “right” terms to type in the search bar.

Reason #3: Content Longevity

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great for connecting with your audience.  The downside is your valuable content lasts only a very short time (24 hours in the case of an IG story).  The posts in your feed stick around, but when was the last time you scrolled through someone’s account and read their posts from 3 months ago?  You’re still thinking. That’s exactly my point.

With a blog, your content lasts.  Not only does it last, but because you’ve optimized it to help drive traffic to your website, it’s searchable.  The time you spend writing today will continue to pay off for months and years to come.

Oh, and let’s not forget that you don’t own any of those social media sites.  Building your business on borrowed land doesn’t make for a very strong foundation.

Reason #4: Content Repurposing

Now we’re getting to the good stuff.  Blog posts are a goldmine for creating other pieces of content.  If you’ve created a value-packed 800-1,000 word blog post, I guarantee there are at least 3 to 4 social media posts you can create from it.  You can also take some of the best parts and write an email newsletter teasing the rest of the content and, you guessed it, drive your audience from their inbox to your website to get the rest of your goods.

I know it can be time-consuming to brainstorm content ideas and execute them.  Imagine how much time you’d get back if you could plan your content calendar for an entire quarter around 12 ideas.  That’s it.  12 ideas.  12 blog posts packed with authority-building value that could then be spread across multiple platforms with ease.  Sounds pretty good, right? In less time, you’ll deliver consistent value, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business. That’s a recipe for growth!

Do you already have a blog for your coaching business? I’d love to hear how it’s helped your growth – let me know in the comments!

Also, feel free to drop me a note if you have questions about content repurposing or how to start a blog for your coaching business. I’m always happy to chat!

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