I've got a plan.

you've already put in the work. let's make the most out of your content.

Rather than pumping out more content, I want to take what you've already created and give it another chance to shine!

After discussing your content strategy with you, I'll create a custom repurposing package to suit your specific needs.

I'm pretty much a genie in a bottle, baby!

How sad is that? All that work for what? Like 30 seconds of someone's attention?

You’re not new to the game. You've churned out plenty of content over the years.

But once you hit publish, it becomes just like Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." You know ... a one hit wonder!

I'll deliver your new content in an organized Google Drive folder ready for you to copy, paste, and schedule!

you do a happy dance

Together, we'll identify the type of content that will best support your strategy, and I'll work my repurposing magic.

i work my magic

You'll take a look through your archives and select content that supports your current business goals.

You identify the content

This is how we do it ...

You die a little inside every time you create a really great piece of content, only to see it get lost in the noise of social media.

You get inspired and love created new pieces of content, but you quickly move on to the next idea before you've maximized it's potential.

You want to maintain your unique voice and aren't looking for someone to create fresh, new content for you.

You have evergreen audio, video, or written content that could benefit other people on a different platform.

Is this right for me?

let's talk details ...


Custom Packages starting at $850 per month

*requires a 3 month commitment

Scripts for audio/video content
SEO blog posts
Email newsletters
Instagram captions

Packages can include (but are not limited to):

For the business and mindset coach who sees the benefit of consistent messaging across platforms and wants to breathe new life into the content they've already created. 

Content Repurposing

Are you ready for it?

and now a question straight from taylor's red lips ...

let's do it

Schedule a complimentary phone call with me to get started. As NSYNC said, "no strings attached!"

Please complete this form as thoroughly as you can. This information allows me to get to know your business a little better before we even hop on our call.

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Pageviews are going up and traffic from IG stories, newsletters, and Google are increasing! I know it's because of you!" - Cathy P

"The best part of having Megan on my team is the trust I have in her work."

"The emails are incredible and you've just NAILED my voice. I seriously can't wait to schedule them out!" — Robyn M

"You're a wordsmithing genius!!"

"She has drastically changed our behind-the-scenes and has improved my ability to have a better work/life balance!" - Trevor H

"It's been a game changer working with Megan."

My career has taken me from reporting on the TV screen to project management behind the scenes, and, finally, into the online space.

It's funny. I used to think my two "past lives", as I like to call them, were completely opposite.

What I've realized is they are very complementary, especially for a content manager.

Because of my time in news, I know how to tell a story and bring an audience along for the ride.

Because of my years managing personality assessment projects for large, Fortune 500 corporations, I know how to plan and execute while also being a kick ass client partner.

And now I get to bring those skill to YOUR business to help you streamline, organize, and lead like the CEO you're meant to be.

meet  your content manager!

I'm Megan — former newsie with a passion for process.