You have no trouble coming up with content ideas, but when it comes to executing the plans across your Instagram account, your email list, your podcast, and your blog ... well, that's when the wheels start to fall off.

Don't worry, I've gotcha!

Content Management with Megan

for business & mindset coaches

Feels kinda like a catch-22, doesn't it?

But maybe it's not. What if you're spot on with the effort that needs to be going into your content, but where you're off is who should be doing it.

You're not a one-woman show anymore, or at least you shouldn't be, because guess what ... what got you to 6 figures isn't what's going to get you to half a million and beyond.

If you want to continue to grow your business and lead in a strategic way, you have to get out of management mode.

For your content, that means bring on a trusted content manager. A content co-pilot.  But what exactly does that look like?


You're spending more time in the content weeds than any other part of your business. You're ready to get out, but you know how important content is to your growth.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine ...

You feel at ease knowing your content is planned and completed well in advance.

There are no content "fires" you have to put out.

you know your content is going to help you grow your business and impact more lives.

Your content supports your overall business goals and your more immediate quarterly goals.


You can be hands off on the nitty gritty details.

YOU HAVe an EASY-TO-READ metrics dashboard, ALLOWING YOU TO MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY that are based on cold hard facts rather than emotions.

You can make data driven decisions.

You have a well-oiled machine. A content "department" that's so in sync it will have you saying               to your constant content to-do list.

Bye Bye Bye

Sound too good to be true?  It's not.

This I Promise You.

You have a well-oiled machine.

A content "department" that's so in sync it will have you saying

Bye Bye Bye

This I Promise You.

to your constant content to-do list.

Sound too good to be true? It's Not.


Custom Packages starting at $2,000 per month

*requires a 3 month commitment

Quarterly content strategy calls to align your content with your goals
Monthly touchpoint calls to ensure we're on track or make any adjustments
Multi-platform content calendar so you can see the big picture
Content project management to make sure nothing falls through the cracks
Content bank to keep everything organized
Content repurposing to spread your message even further
Metrics dashboard so you can make informed decisions based on facts

what's included

For the business and mindset coach who is already creating content for multiple platforms and wants to make an even bigger impact in her business by getting out of management mode.

Content Management

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Pageviews are going up and traffic from IG stories, newsletters, and Google are increasing! I know it's because of you!" - Cathy P

"The best part of having Megan on my team is the trust I have in her work."

"The emails are incredible and you've just NAILED my voice. I seriously can't wait to schedule them out!" — Robyn M

"You're a wordsmithing genius!!"

"She has drastically changed our behind-the-scenes and has improved my ability to have a better work/life balance!" - Trevor H

"It's been a game changer working with Megan."

My career has taken me from reporting on the TV screen to project management behind the scenes, and, finally, into the online space.

It's funny. I used to think my two "past lives", as I like to call them, were completely opposite.

What I've realized is they are very complementary, especially for a content manager.

Because of my time in news, I know how to tell a story and bring an audience along for the ride.

Because of my years managing personality assessment projects for large, Fortune 500 corporations, I know how to plan and execute while also being a kick ass client partner.

And now I get to bring those skill to YOUR business to help you streamline, organize, and lead like the CEO you're meant to be.

meet  your content manager!

I'm Megan — former newsie with a passion for process.