Marketing your business doesn't have to mean being tied to your phone 24/7 ...

But sometimes it sure feels like it, doesn't it?

You want to focus on other aspects of your business and be present in your actual life ... but don't you have to be documenting it all? Shouldn't you be creating and posting new content and engaging with other people?

There's a difference between a laser focus on social media marketing and a comprehensive content marketing plan. One will keep you tied to the app, the other allows you space to live.

I'm Megan — a content manager and strategist. I help coaches, like you, break free from the idea that IG can make or break your biz.

Spoiler alert. It can't. You are so much more than your feed, and there are so many other places for your content to really shine.

I began my career as a reporter at a local news station in the Florida panhandle. In the newsroom, I learned to craft a story from a point of view that wasn't my own and the importance of meeting deadlines. If it's not done by show time, it doesn't make the air!

After a few years, I transitioned behind the scenes. I spent nearly a decade managing assessment projects at a leading personality assessment company. I had the privilege to work alongside client partners at companies like Coca-Cola, Dell, Microsoft, and Boeing. I loved getting to know my clients, anticipating their needs, and easing their struggles by implementing systems, timelines, and automation. To sum it up, I kept the wheels on the bus.

I'm a wife, a mom to two sweet girls, and a Florida native.

I hold a Bachelors in Telecommunications from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and an MBA from the University of North Florida.

A bit about me!

Here's where you come into the story ...

You've laid the groundwork for your business.

You've scaled to 6-figures.

You have the vision to take it so much farther, but you need strategic partners to come alongside you.

We're a perfect pair. I have an eye for details and a love for telling people's stories. You have the rocket on the launch pad. You just need someone to hit the ignition.

Fast facts

years married


half marathons run


seasons as a gator booster


noisy dachshunds


I'm obsessed with . . .

The Hamilton Soundtrack. Y'all it's 2+ hours of amazing storytelling. Still trying to perfect my Lafayette rap.

Favorite Long Run Playlist

Kate Quinn. I'm on a historical fiction kick right now. I was a history minor in college, so it's not entirely surprising.

must read author

Chick-fil-a. Not the healthiest obsession, but I just can't help myself! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

can't live without


Pageviews are going up and traffic from IG stories, newsletters, and Google are increasing! I know it's because of you!" - Cathy P

"The best part of having Megan on my team is the trust I have in her work."

"The emails are incredible and you've just NAILED my voice. I seriously can't wait to schedule them out!" — Robyn M

"You're a wordsmithing genius!!"

"She has drastically changed our behind-the-scenes and has improved my ability to have a better work/life balance!" - Trevor H

"It's been a game changer working with Megan."

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