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Ready for some tough love? It's time to quit your codependent relationship with the 'Gram. You need a data-driven content marketing plan that spans multiple platforms.

Content Manager for Business & Mindset Coaches

Social media should be a tool in your marketing tool box. Not your entire marketing plan. If you're ready to think outside of the square and grow your audience beyond the grid, you're in the right place!

Together, we'll create a content marketing plan that will get you noticed, nurture your audience, and keep those hot leads rolling in. Oh, and we'll do it by tapping into platforms you actually own. 

There's more to life (and content marketing) than trying to crack the code to the latest algorithm update or bouncing back from the most recent glitch!

Listen. I'm not saying you should shut down your Instagram account. But ...

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Never wonder what content you're producing, where it's showing up, and if it's working. I'll handle those details.

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Stop producing one hit wonders! Your content is valuable and deserves to be seen by different people on different platforms.

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lead your business, and up your content game ... all at the same time.

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My career has taken me from reporting on the TV screen to project management behind the scenes. I know the importance of clear communication and clean execution.

Whether we're planning your content strategy or turning your podcast episodes into blog posts, I'll be the Willow to your Buffy. Together we're a kick-ass team slaying the content vampires that are sucking the life out of your business.

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"I'm blown away at the progress my brand has made and no doubt is in part to everything you do to help me with newsletters, SEO, and IG stories."
— Cathy P.

"Thank you for being as passionate about my brand as I means so much."

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Working together is just like The Jackson 5 said, "easy as 1-2-3." Packages are customized to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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